Citizen COmputing Pulsar Search (Ciclops)

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Project CiCLOPS is being developed by Infora Scarl and Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari since 2018.
CiCLOPS is a citizen science project designed to transform the search for pulsars into an entertaining 3D video game.

CiCLOPS was designed as a Human Based Computation (HBC) application, a rather new research area aimed at exploiting human intelligence in specific tasks where it is still more efficient than the most powerful and refined computing algorithms (as explained by Von Ahn in 2005).
Human beings are often more effective than computer algorithms at classifying, generalizing and discriminating also through sudden intuitions and/or creativity. Specifically, CiCLOPS is a Game With A Purpose (GWAP). In this branch of HC, scientific computational-heavy problems are wisely masked through gamified activities.
The careful gamification process (Robson et al. 2015) of these analysis activities helps players to devote time and energy to them.

There are currently 10 volunteers and 2 researchers cooperating in the platform. However, CiCLOPS is a prototype at the moment and it will be published as soon as possible. You will just have to download and install our 3D game to start searching for pulsars with us!

Questa iniziativa, in partenariato con l'INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica) è stata supportata da POR FESR Sardegna 2014 - 2020 Asse 1 Azione 1.1.3 (code RICERCA_1C-181), proposta “Aiuti per Progetti di Ricerca e Sviluppo 2017” Gestita da Sardegna Ricerche.

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